37th day: Never fortget: 1933 – 1938 – 1945

37th day: NEVER FORGET: 1933 – 1938 – 1945
In the last years I got off the metro nearly every day at the S – Bahn Station Savigny Platz on my way to work. I was always in a hurry and never paid much attention to the three year data that appear when the metro goes on. 1933 – every german knows this date: the Nazis seized to power. 1945 – the 12 year long nightmare was finally over. What happened exactly on 1938? I had to look up history books to be sure: in 1938 the situation of the jewish population worsened dramatically.
It’s incredible that there a people nowadays that are denying this absolute shaming part of our history: HOW CAN WE EVER FORGET?

(S – Bahn Station Savigny – Platz, Berlin Charlottenburg)