50th day: Longing to be a bird!


This is the 50th day of my 100 days of street art challenge. Many people asked me: why are you doing this? What does it have to do with making jewelry? Well: I wanted to do this for such a long time! Years ago, when I was still living in Mexico, I started to observe Street Art and to take photos of it. I love the way people try to embellish their environment or to make political statements in different ways. It is not only the big mural of the yet recognized artist that keeps my attention, but also the small stencil, which you can hardly notice! I learned a lot doing this, because I have to observe the city I live in very carefully. I like the daily routine: you only get better doing things again and again. There are 50 more days missing and I am sure that this exercise will be reflected in my work as a jeweler afterwards!

(Skalitzer Straße, Berlin Kreuzberg)

43rd. day: How many more?

43rd day: HOW MANY MORE?
It seems that the – so far – worst refugee disaster in the Mediterranean happened on 18th of April. Almost 900 people have drowned. As always, far too many people have been on a very small boat. I can’t imagine to be surrounded by so many people on such a small place, without feeling panic attacks. Even more unimaginable is the fear of the people and the uncertainty whether they ever arrive at their destination. How long will we still observe these disasters and talk about whether integration can work? At the moment it’s only survival that counts!

(RAW – Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)

37th day: Never fortget: 1933 – 1938 – 1945

37th day: NEVER FORGET: 1933 – 1938 – 1945
In the last years I got off the metro nearly every day at the S – Bahn Station Savigny Platz on my way to work. I was always in a hurry and never paid much attention to the three year data that appear when the metro goes on. 1933 – every german knows this date: the Nazis seized to power. 1945 – the 12 year long nightmare was finally over. What happened exactly on 1938? I had to look up history books to be sure: in 1938 the situation of the jewish population worsened dramatically.
It’s incredible that there a people nowadays that are denying this absolute shaming part of our history: HOW CAN WE EVER FORGET?

(S – Bahn Station Savigny – Platz, Berlin Charlottenburg)

27th day: Wonderful Penelope Cruz

I always thought of Penelope Cruz as a very beautiful woman, but never considered her a good actress, until I saw her acting under the direction of Pedro Almodóvar. Then I understood the importance of a director for a movie. Almodóvar brings Penelope Cruz to shine. Her role as a nun in “All About My Mother” is so impressive, that I can remember her exactly after almost 20 years. But the most unforgettable scene is the one where she sings “Volver”, a Tango by Carlos Gardel in a Flamenco version. She interprets this song so beautifully, that I want to believe until today that she is singing it herself.

(Hotel Almodovar, Boxhagener Straße, Berlin Friedrichshain)

18th day: Queen Elisabeth in Cherry and Pink!

To my delight I found a new variant of the Queen. This time duplicated and in other colors! She reminds me of the Variete Girls of the twentys, who enchanted a crowd with her long legs.
She seems to be disconnected from her duties and simply free.
I think that cherry fits her best!

(RAW Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)