98th day: Santa Diversita!…

98th day: SANTA DIVERSITA! …
… Is part of the screen printing poster series on the topic “Modern Saints,” on which the artist duo Various & Gould has worked for 2 years. These “modern Saints” should raise awareness for social problems, such as migration, change of work conditions, exclusion and (sexual) identity. The artists asked themselves, for which of the today acute problems one could need new saint. After the terrible madness of Orlando we need holy “Santa Diversità” more than ever!

85th day: St. Redundus – Saint of the homeless and unemployed

85th day: ST. REDUNDUS – Saint of the homeless and unemployed
Located next to the Market Nr. IX, a man suddenly was looking at me: in one hand he is holding an Aldi plastic bag with empty collected bottles. In the other hand he holds a glass sphere in which apparently is hidden his dream of a better life. The man has bad teeth and his shoes hardly cover his feet. I stopped and looked at this picture thoughtfully. How many homeless are living in Berlin? What happened to their lives to get there? What have they experienced? Are they still dreaming of a better life?
This modern devotional picture forms part of a canon of Saints made by the Berlin artist duo Various & Gould. (see interview below).

(Berlin, neben der Markthalle IX, Berlin – Kreuzberg)