Shop update: Rose earrings with oval Amazonite cabochons

Yesterday I took pictures of Melissa for the first time. I am so pleased with the result of these beautiful photos and I am thrilled how good my jewelry looks on her. Every single piece looks just amazing.

Folded No. 1

Creation process of “folded”:
I’m working on a new series inspired by the aesthetics of folded paper. You can easily fold paper to create three-dimensionality. That’s exactly what I wanted to create in the following series, though you can not bend metal easily and it takes multiple, cautious steps to bend the metal. By sawing and filing with a triangular file, you prepare a sheet of metal for kinking. You have to do this with the utmost care, because if you saw a bit too low or you file beyond a certain angle, everything falls together …

“Folded” earring with lemon chrysoprase

Let me die like a mexican!

In Mexico – where I lived for a long time – there is a very special tradition of dealing with death, which fascinated me from the beginning on. The family of the deceased arranges once a year, on the days of the dead, the „Dias de los Muertos“, a kind of memorial altar at home on which all things that the beloved person has liked during lifetime are arranged: good food, music or a certain sport. A sugar skull with the name of the deceased is lovingly placed on it. These skulls are colorful and pretty to look at and by no means frightening or scary.

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