43rd. day: How many more?

43rd day: HOW MANY MORE?
It seems that the – so far – worst refugee disaster in the Mediterranean happened on 18th of April. Almost 900 people have drowned. As always, far too many people have been on a very small boat. I can’t imagine to be surrounded by so many people on such a small place, without feeling panic attacks. Even more unimaginable is the fear of the people and the uncertainty whether they ever arrive at their destination. How long will we still observe these disasters and talk about whether integration can work? At the moment it’s only survival that counts!

(RAW – Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)

38th day: Who will be next?

38th day: WHO WILL BE NEXT?
Suddenly at one of my very frequented S – Bahn Stations, the last three presidents of the United States are looking at me. Are the news so present in my mind that I see them now for the first time? Or have they recently been painted up there? Anyhow: Reagan, Clinton and Bush are in front of me in small format! Reagan is swinging in his right hand a revolver and wears spore-filled boots. Bush swings a flag in his left hand and has a halo floating above his head. Clinton is standing in the middle, and seems to curb the two of them like a patient father. Who will be next? And how should Clinton manage to keep Trump in check, when he has not even a free hand left? It will remain exciting and for me, who is used to German election campaigns and Merkel’s rhombus, the American election campaign remains strangely alien and reminds me more of Latin American telenovelas than of political realism.

(S – Bahn Station Savignyplatz, Berlin Charlottenburg)

37th day: Never fortget: 1933 – 1938 – 1945

37th day: NEVER FORGET: 1933 – 1938 – 1945
In the last years I got off the metro nearly every day at the S – Bahn Station Savigny Platz on my way to work. I was always in a hurry and never paid much attention to the three year data that appear when the metro goes on. 1933 – every german knows this date: the Nazis seized to power. 1945 – the 12 year long nightmare was finally over. What happened exactly on 1938? I had to look up history books to be sure: in 1938 the situation of the jewish population worsened dramatically.
It’s incredible that there a people nowadays that are denying this absolute shaming part of our history: HOW CAN WE EVER FORGET?

(S – Bahn Station Savigny – Platz, Berlin Charlottenburg)

33rd day: Milk

33rd day: MILK
For a long time I haven’t seen so many pregnant women and mothers with young children as in Copenhagen! Strikingly often there were also fathers, walking with their babies in the parks in the mornings. Matching to this observation I found in Nørrebro, a neibourhood of Copenhagen wich corresponds to Berlin’s Kreuzberg, this happy-looking woman who apparently is breastfeeding her twins .
(Nørrebro, Kopenhagen)

31. Tag: Räume erschaffen…

I’m really impressed by Copenhagen’s city planning: everything is planned to improve life quality of the citizens. New and old architecture is combined in a brave manner. Cyclist are riding on special bikeways throughout the city, there are beautiful bridges for bikes and in the malls exists bicycle parking garages.Like this even the drizzly weather is not bothering at all. I definitely will return to this extraordinary city!
(Vesterbrogade, Kopenhagen)