18th day: Queen Elisabeth in Cherry and Pink!

To my delight I found a new variant of the Queen. This time duplicated and in other colors! She reminds me of the Variete Girls of the twentys, who enchanted a crowd with her long legs.
She seems to be disconnected from her duties and simply free.
I think that cherry fits her best!

(RAW Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)

17th day: Totally into it!

17th day: TOTALLY INTO IT!
Today’s street art painting shows a young man listening to music. But it’s more than that: He is not just listening, he and the music have become one. They are completely fused together. It does not happen so often to me anymore, but when it happens it is a beautiful and special moment.
When was the last time you and your music became one?
(RAW Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)

Weeping Colours

Today’s street art painting is very special, because the viewer is touched while looking at and it and it is impossible to pass by without stopping. It has a unique and distinctive style. Back at home I researched the internet and found out that the author of this art work is the London based street artist Jimmy C. who was born in Adelaide. This painting is very special for Jimmy: it is a self portrait, called the PAINTERS TEARS, which was originally painted on Canvas. Hopefully Jimmy C. will surprise us with many other wonderful art works.

11th day: Viva la Resolución!

When Cuba meets the US: this week an American President visited socialist Cuba for the first time since 88 years. Today on my daily journey through Berlin I discovered Mickey Mouse and Che Guevara, as if they had arranged to meet in order to replay this weeks’ political process. The two sat together peacefully on
two stones, but without interacting or looking at each. Many years in different political systems separate them. It will probably still take a long time until they really get closer and understand each other.

(RAW – Gelände, Berlin Friedrichshain)