Claudia’s favorite piece of jewelry

My girlfriend Claudia works as a psychiatrist near Heidelberg. When I asked her to put on her favorite piece of jewelry in order to take a picture of her, she did not hesitate for a long time. She took her mother’s bracelet out of a drawer: a beautiful wide silver bracelet made by a goldsmith. It has been elaborated with an old goldsmith technique, where every element has been chiseled to give it three dimensionality. It consists of several identical elements, which are connected to each other by eyelets to guarantee the mobility of the bracelet.
With this bracelet Claudia’s father proposed marriage to his future wife, so it is an extraordinary engagement jewelry piece.
Unfortunately, Claudia lost her mother very early when she was still a teenager. So the bracelet is a very important memento that remained from her mother and connects her with her while wearing it.

Sandra’s favorite jewel

This is my friend Sandra in a beach basket on Sylt in January. I asked her to wear her favorite piece of jewelry and tell me something about this jewel, particularly why it is so special for her.
Sandra made this ring herself in a goldsmith’s workshop in Frankfurt am Main. Therefore this ring is so special for her: she made it herself and she has become aware of the extensive work process that is hidden behind a handmade piece of jewelry. In addition, she developed the design together with the goldsmith and chose the stone. The appreciation that she brings toward this piece of jewelery goes so far that she only wears it on special occasions. It is, so to speak, her festive ring. I can understand her very well: I am a goldsmith myself, and I know how many hours of work are hidden behind a handmade piece of jewelry.