33rd day: Milk

33rd day: MILK
For a long time I haven’t seen so many pregnant women and mothers with young children as in Copenhagen! Strikingly often there were also fathers, walking with their babies in the parks in the mornings. Matching to this observation I found in Nørrebro, a neibourhood of Copenhagen wich corresponds to Berlin’s Kreuzberg, this happy-looking woman who apparently is breastfeeding her twins .
(Nørrebro, Kopenhagen)

31. Tag: Räume erschaffen…

I’m really impressed by Copenhagen’s city planning: everything is planned to improve life quality of the citizens. New and old architecture is combined in a brave manner. Cyclist are riding on special bikeways throughout the city, there are beautiful bridges for bikes and in the malls exists bicycle parking garages.Like this even the drizzly weather is not bothering at all. I definitely will return to this extraordinary city!
(Vesterbrogade, Kopenhagen)

30th day: The ugly duckling…

sometimes it takes a while before we see true beauty. Often we judge too fast and superficial. That is what the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen is about, in which a swan’s egg accidentally gets into the nest of a duck. The swan chick is ugly and clumsy and is buffeted by all, until it turns after winter into a beautiful and proud swan.
(Kopenhagen, Sønderboulevard)

29th day: Christiania, a social experiment

In 1971 a few idealists who dreamed of an alternative model of life stablished on a former military base the Free State of Christiania. The residents were hippies, squatters, artists and many people who otherwise did not fit in the society. Christiania should be a place for people who were fed up with the eternal competition of society and believed that another life model should be possible. Many times this social experiment was about to fail, but again and again the residents fought for their dream of freedom and self-determination.
Maybe that’s why the Danes are indeed among the happiest people in the world, because they are capable of such tolerance, accept other lifestyles and even consider them as an enrichment for their society.

(Infront of the entrance to #Christiania, Copenhagen)

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28th day: Eating birds

28th day: EATING BIRDS
I was wondering if I would find any Street Art in Copenhagen where I’m going to be the next couple of days. Very close to the central station, I discovered this young girl, that reminds me of the sad tales of Hans Christian Andersen. She looks very melancholic and has a colorful bird in her mouth, over her shoulder hangs a thick braided plait. She seems to be from another time. Immediately I saw Gerda from the Snow Queen in front of me, who searches her beloved friend Kai, until she finally finds him and brings his iced heart to melt with her tears.