100. Tag: Upcycled Tucan!

100th day: UPCYCLED TUCAN!

Today is the end of my 100 days of urban art challenge! That’s what I learned: I improved my english skills, I learned to observe my environment more detailed, It helped me with my daily routine. I liked the compromise with myself and the others. I am sure that it will inspire me in the future in my design process.
I really appreciate your coments and likes, which encouraged me to go on day by day.
See you soon for a new project:-)
(Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin Friedrichshain)

43rd. day: How many more?

43rd day: HOW MANY MORE?
It seems that the – so far – worst refugee disaster in the Mediterranean happened on 18th of April. Almost 900 people have drowned. As always, far too many people have been on a very small boat. I can’t imagine to be surrounded by so many people on such a small place, without feeling panic attacks. Even more unimaginable is the fear of the people and the uncertainty whether they ever arrive at their destination. How long will we still observe these disasters and talk about whether integration can work? At the moment it’s only survival that counts!

(RAW – Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)

18th day: Queen Elisabeth in Cherry and Pink!

To my delight I found a new variant of the Queen. This time duplicated and in other colors! She reminds me of the Variete Girls of the twentys, who enchanted a crowd with her long legs.
She seems to be disconnected from her duties and simply free.
I think that cherry fits her best!

(RAW Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)

17th day: Totally into it!

17th day: TOTALLY INTO IT!
Today’s street art painting shows a young man listening to music. But it’s more than that: He is not just listening, he and the music have become one. They are completely fused together. It does not happen so often to me anymore, but when it happens it is a beautiful and special moment.
When was the last time you and your music became one?
(RAW Area, Berlin Friedrichshain)

11th day: Viva la Resolución!

When Cuba meets the US: this week an American President visited socialist Cuba for the first time since 88 years. Today on my daily journey through Berlin I discovered Mickey Mouse and Che Guevara, as if they had arranged to meet in order to replay this weeks’ political process. The two sat together peacefully on
two stones, but without interacting or looking at each. Many years in different political systems separate them. It will probably still take a long time until they really get closer and understand each other.

(RAW – Gelände, Berlin Friedrichshain)