Sophia and her favorite piece of jewelry

Sophia is the daughter of a very good friend my mine. I’ve known her since she was sitting in her stroller. That’s why I’m especially happy to introduce her here with her favorite jewelry.
Sophia studies Cultural Studies in Frankfurt / Oder, but lives in Berlin. In the photo she is wearing almost all the jewelry that was left after renting her apartment for a long time … That’s how she most likes to wears her jewelry: many rings, earrings and chains made of silver, that are all combinable and harmonize with each other. For Sophia, it’s important not to think long about what she’s going to wear in the morning. For this reason, she chooses more intuitively than consciously pieces of jewelry, that all have a similar formal language. Most pieces of jewelry are travel memories from Argentina, Mexico and Holland. The silver ring with two small rings in the centre, which she wears on the right hand, comes from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina – also called the end of the world. Sophia made a trip towards there after studying in Buenos Aires for a semester.

Sophia wears a very special piece of jewelry on her skin in form of a tattoo on her right arm. It is the Latin saying: Ecce Nova Facio Omnia (See, I’m making everything new!) in the handwriting of her grandfather, who is a very important person in Sophia’s life.

100. Tag: Upcycled Tucan!

100th day: UPCYCLED TUCAN!

Today is the end of my 100 days of urban art challenge! That’s what I learned: I improved my english skills, I learned to observe my environment more detailed, It helped me with my daily routine. I liked the compromise with myself and the others. I am sure that it will inspire me in the future in my design process.
I really appreciate your coments and likes, which encouraged me to go on day by day.
See you soon for a new project:-)
(Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin Friedrichshain)

92nd day: Burger with addictive potential! – Food comes first, than morals!

92nd day: Burger with addictive potential! – Food comes first, than morals!
I really didn’t like Burgers until my son took me to the right place: the Burgeramt in my neighborhood. The name is an ironical hint towards the Bürger Amt wich is a very important institucion you get to know very fast if you move to Germany. The Bürger Amt is responsible for your registration and almost every paper you need. The Bürger Amt knows where you are living and if your apartment is on the left or right side of the aisle, how many children you have and if you pay the taxes for your dog. The Burger Amt around the Corner just offers the most delicious Burger one can imagine! Don’t forget to order the french fries made of sweet potatoes!

(Burger Amt, Krossener Straße, Berlin Friedrichshain)

11th day: Viva la Resolución!

When Cuba meets the US: this week an American President visited socialist Cuba for the first time since 88 years. Today on my daily journey through Berlin I discovered Mickey Mouse and Che Guevara, as if they had arranged to meet in order to replay this weeks’ political process. The two sat together peacefully on
two stones, but without interacting or looking at each. Many years in different political systems separate them. It will probably still take a long time until they really get closer and understand each other.

(RAW – Gelände, Berlin Friedrichshain)